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Aesop Advisor LLC is a retirement-planning centered firm focused on long-term, diversified investing and cash-flow planning as tools for building wealth.

We take a long-term, passive approach to retirement investing through broad-based, diversified portfolios.

Our Compass financial planning service includes an individualized written plan with recommendations for cash-flow planning, savings, debt management, and investments.

Aesop | commonly pronounced EE-sop
Aesop Advisor LLC is named after the perhaps legendary ancient Greek author of Aesop’s Fables, including “The Tortoise and the Hare".

Our Vision
Aesop Advisor seeks to enhance access, trust, and effectiveness of financial services.

Our Mission
Aesop Advisor provides accessible financial services with the highest ethical standards.

Jonathon Ray Oden founded Aesop Advisor LLC in 2019 with the view that financial services should be accessible to everyone. Jonathon has a FINRA Series 65 license and an MBA from Texas Woman’s University. Jonathon has also worked with persons with neurodiversities as a board-certified music therapist since 2005, and is the author of "A Descriptive Analysis of Music Therapy Employment from 2013 to 2019" (2020), and “The Use of Guitar in Music Therapy” (2013).

Aesop Compass

Compass is our financial planning service. Compass clients receive a written financial plan with cash-flow, debt, savings, and investment recommendations.

Compass includes:

  • Customized written financial plan - Money Map
  • Access to contact your advisor
  • Updates to your written financial plan as needed

Compass fees are billed annually at $245 for the first twelve months. 

After the first year, Compass is billed at $95 for each additional twelve-month period.


1 | Fill Out New Client Form
The form will ask for financial information for anyone to be included in the written financial plan.

2 | Complete Account Creation
Once we receive your form, we will review it to make sure Compass is a good fit for you. Then we will send secure links to complete a client agreement and fee payment.

3 | Reach Your Goals
After the client agreement and payment confirmation are complete, we will prepare a Money Map. The Money Map will provide recommendations including cash-flow planning, savings, investments, and debt management.

Compass clients may pay financial planning fees by ACH or credit card. Compass will renew annually until canceled by the client. Fees for the first year are considered earned upon delivery of the written financial plan. Click to learn more about Compass payments.

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