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Aesop focuses on long-term, diversified investing and cash-flow planning as tools for building wealth.

With our Navigator service, we manage a personalized retirement investment portfolio for you in an account opened through our firm's account custodian. We offer accounts including Roth IRAs and rollovers. Our Compass cash-flow planning assistance is available as part of our Navigator service, or as a stand-alone service to help boost your balance sheet before investing.

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With our Navigator service, we manage investments for you by selecting and purchasing investments tailored to match your values and personal profile. We offer Roth IRAs and rollovers so you can take advantage of a broad selection of investments. We take a long-term approach and use low-cost funds to achieve broad-based diversification. Our Compass cash flow planning assistance is included with our Navigator investment management service.

Our Compass service provides assistance with cash-flow planning, savings, and debt management. We provide a written plan to help you meet your goals.

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Aesop builds personalized investment portfolios to reflect your individual values and goals. We review information about your profile you would like to share so we can make recommendations about how much to invest, as well as overall cash-flow planning. 

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