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Market Mood
Keeping you informed of events that move your investments
Complete | Concise | Hype-Free
Published weekly. Available to Aesop clients.

Tap in to the most influential market and economic news.
Understand what moved stock prices and be prepared for upcoming events that could influence markets.
Individual investors are sometimes told not to pay attention to the stock market. For some, this might be good advice if it helps them stick to their plan. However, we take a different approach at Aesop Advisor. We believe knowledge is power. We publish our weekly newsletter, Market Mood, because we believe the more information investors have, the less likely it is they will be taken by surprise when markets make major moves. The more we understand things, the less uncertainty they cause. Less uncertainty often means reduced stress. We believe understanding why your investments move up or down is empowering. Knowledge can bring peace of mind. It can be easier to stay buckled in and not hit the eject button if you understand what is causing the turbulence. We know you are busy and your time is valuable. That’s why Market Mood is crafted to be concise, highlighting only the most relevant market-related news. Catch up on the week’s most important market developments in 2 minutes or less with Market Mood.

Money Microscope
Practical tips to help you rock your budget
Cash-Flow | Plan | Save
Published weekly. Available to Aesop clients.

A written finance plan is like a microscope for your money.
Instead of taking a bird’s-eye view of your finances by only looking at the overall balance and the total deposit and withdrawal amounts of your bank account, a ledger (what we call a budget) allows for a detailed record of where your money is going. Not only does a ledger track where your money went, it shows you where it will go. A ledger is the most important part of any financial plan. Going without a ledger is like making money decisions with a blindfold on. Learn to take a close look at your money with tips and resources in Money Microscope.

Markets Demystified
Focuses on differences in investing versus trading, and why long-term investing is best for most
Invest | Diversify | Long-Term
Published twice per month. Available to anyone.

Around half of Americans do not participate in a retirement plan and have little or no experience working with a finance professional. That leaves movies and other media to fill in many of the gaps in perceptions about the finance industry. Unfortunately, media often portrays short-term trading behavior instead of long-term investing. A story about someone trying to make a large amount of money in a short amount of time is way more exciting than someone who buys stock and patiently holds it for years. It’s also a lot more interesting to make a movie about someone who breaks rules rather than someone who acts responsibly. That may be part of why finance professionals are often portrayed as untrustworthy. As a result, people often seem to equate investing with high-stakes speculation. “Markets Demystified” focuses on the differences between short-term trading and long-term investing, and why diversified investing is the best strategy for most. We also explain and explore stock market mechanics and concepts. We highlight the function of regulations that are in place to protect investors from many of the behaviors portrayed in movies.
Unlock the mysteries of investing with “Markets Demystified.”

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