Navigator Fees

Navigator is our investment management service. Aesop will open your investment account through our account custodian and manage it for you.

Navigator investment management fees are based on the amount in a client's investment account.

Accounts under $2,000 are charged $20 per year, billed at $5 every 3 months.

Accounts with balances between $2,000 and $50,000 are charged 1.00% of the account balance, prorated and billed every 3 months.

Accounts over $50,000 are charged $500 per year, billed at $125 every 3 months.

See chart for possible fees based on client account balances.

Possible Investment Fees
Possible investment fees based on client account balances.

For Navigator clients, the investment advisory fees will be deducted from the client's investment account and paid to Aesop by the account custodian. Clients are encouraged to review their account statements to confirm advisory fees are deducted accurately.

Clients may pay additional brokerage or fund fees. Aesop does not receive commission or transaction-based fees, or any portion of brokerage or fund fees.

Our Compass financial planning service is included with our Navigator service at no additional charge.

Compass Fees

Compass is our financial planning service. Aesop will provide a written plan with cash-flow, debt, savings, and investment recommendations.


Compass fees are billed annually at $145 for the first twelve months. 

After the first year, Compass is billed at $95 for each additional twelve-month period.

Compass includes:

  • Customized written financial plan - Money Map
  • Access to contact your advisor
  • Updates to your written financial plan
  • Personalized notifications to help reach your goals


Compass clients may pay financial planning fees by ACH or credit card. Compass will renew annually until cancelled by the client, or the client begins receiving investment management services through Aesop Navigator. If a Compass client becomes a Navigator client, any fees paid for the prorated remainder of their 12-month Compass service cycle will be transferred to any Navigator fees. Fees for the first year are considered earned upon delivery of the written financial plan. Click to learn more about Compass payments.

Example of written financial plan.
Example of written financial plan.

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